Housing Choice Voucher Program


The Housing Authority of the County of San Joaquin (HACSJ) administers the Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCV, formerly known as the Section 8 program) funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), which provides rental assistance and homeownership subsidy assistance to extremely low, very low and low income households in the San Joaquin County. The programís objective is to allow eligible families to afford decent, safe, and sanitary housing in the private market.

Under the HCV rental assistance program, participants who are issued a voucher are able to select a housing unit within a neighborhood of their choice from a property owner willing to participate in the program.

Carena Lane
Director of Housing Choice Voucher Program

209 460-5000
TDD - 711 or 1-800-855-7100

Participants are allowed to pay at least 30% of their income towards rent; however, the rent must not exceed rents charged for similar unassisted units. All rental units under the HCV program must meet the minimum standards of health and safety, as determined by the HACSJ.

Under the homeownership program, assistance is available to HCV participants who meet the home ownership eligibility requirements. The homeownership program allows first time homebuyers to use the voucher subsidy to meet monthly homeownership expenses. The homeownership program has a maximum term of 15 years. There are exceptions for disabled families. This program is limited.

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Other programs:

HUD and the Department of Veteranís Assistance fund the VAís Supportive Housing (VASH) program which is administered through the HACSJ. This program is designed to address the needs of the homeless Veteranís by providing a rental subsidy. Eligible Veterans must participate in the case management services provided by the Department of Veteran Affairs in order to obtain and sustain permanent independent community housing.

The Family Self-Sufficiency Program (FSS) is an innovative, voluntary program that helps HCV participants achieve economic independence over a five-year period. Participants work with a case manager, to assess their strengths, identify barriers, set goals and achieve them. Participants are able to accrue an escrow savings account, managed by the HACSJ, while earning income. For more information about the HCV programs, contact (209) 460-5000.

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